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Airbrush Tanning: Safari Sunny Buns bronzers are the most popular organic sunless tanning solution in the world, the hallmark of organic tanning solutions. Legendary for the awesome, natural color. Sunbliss Bronzer an exquisite sunless tan solution featuring a sun kiss look of the beach. Ultra Bronzer compatible with all the SUNNY BUNS ORGANIC AIRBRUSH SOLUTION. Higher percentage of dha this formula is popular for those that want a dark application. Darkest Ultimate Bronzer, this formula used for the deepest darkest tan. Also used to sculpture your airbrush tan. Most popular for the body builders, cheerleader & beauty pageants.

Exfoliants: First step and the most important for the sunless airbrush tan. Allows maximum absorption of the dha (tan solution) in the dermis (tans last longer). Uniform coloring (non-streaked glowing, golden bronzer. Excellent adhesion of the dha (very natural looking, slow fade). Sunny Buns offers exfoliant creams and exfoliant airbrush spray a liquid solution of papain anti-aging enzyme, gently removes the dead and damaged skin cells from the skin’s surface enhances skin smoothness and actually encourages the development of newer cells. The result is smoother, younger, looking skin.

Barrier Tan Spray: Designed for the airbrush tanner that wants to protect areas of the skin from exposure to tanning solution like the feet, cuticles, palms and other dry areas that absorbs darker.

Mai Tai Moisturizer: Unparalleled for its moisture retention within the skin. There is no other product that will hold a spray tan the way this one does. Used to maintain and extend the tan.

Tan Extender Bronzer: Premiere lotion of its type. Blended with dha and erythrulose, as well as a host of premium moisturizers, tan extender bronzer holds moisture within the skin.  Enhances the color of the airbrush tan as it fades, but adds a lot of extra days to the tan provides much better tan results.

Instant Self-Tanner: A tanning spray developed with a special fine spray tip for an airbrushed look. This concentrated formula utilizes dha tan and cosmetic additives that react with the amino acids on the skin to produce a deep bronze color.

After Tan Body Wash: ph moisturizing body wash bathes skin with intense hydration and encourages the skin to function more effectively to help extend the life of your tan (fruit flavors).

Airbrush Nail Stencils & Body Tattoo Stencils: Create a beautiful fingernail airbrush design & airbrush body tattoo design with our easy to use step by step reusable stencils lots of designs to choose from.

Airbrush Nail Paints: Over 80 airbrush colors French, neon, transparent, opaque & pearl. These paints contain more color pigment for deeper, richer colors.

Glitters: Eye Glitter specially designed for the eyes.  Can be worn bolder for more intense or for daytime or office look.  Also used for body glitter. 

Nail Glitter: Create a beautiful fingernail art design. Lots of glitter colors to choose from.

Airbrush Foundation MINERAL Make-Up: designed to create a flawless coverage that sets on contact and lasts for over 18 hours. The look is so natural because it blends with the skin’s natural pigmentation. Protects skin from the natural hazards of the sun, wind and pollutants, while soothing. Benefits of our airbrush mineral makeup. Healthy – can be worn daily for a fabulous flawless finish, free of talc, bismuth oxychloride, silicone and parabens.  Moveable, lightweight & long lasting – mineral makeup formulated to be moisture resistant, can be applied with an airbrush, sponge or makeup brush.  Non-Reflective – the micro pulverized minerals do not reflect light during photography.

Airbrush MINERAL Eye Shadows: Create beautiful flawless eyes: Choose the Color of the MINERAL AIRBRUSH EYESHADOW.
There are lots of shades of airbrush mineral eye shadow to choose from. You should have at least 4 different colors in your makeup kit, to acquire different looks. Neutral shades are best suited for daily use and on formal occasions. You can apply cool, funky colors for night parties. You can also blend 2 - 3 shades of airbrush mineral eye shadow to get a unique look. Also, take into account the shape of your eyes before choosing color. To make small eyes appear larger, apply lighter shades of airbrush mineral eye shadow as they open up the eye and create an illusion of big eyes. Darker airbrush mineral eye shadow shades can be used on large eyes for a more dramatic effect. If you have a very light skin tone, avoid using dark shades as they may look artificial and very bold.

Airbrush Equipment Kits: Complete Airbrush Tanning Kit, Airbrush Nail Kit Airbrush Tattoo Kit. Compressors, airbrush nail guns, airbrush tanning guns, airbrush tattoo guns, airbrush mobile units, compressor and airbrush guns mobile. Braided hose, disposable bras, bikinis, caps, airbrush supplies.

Airbrush Nail Class:  Designed to teach the technique of fingernail airbrushing. Care of the Airbrush Equipment, Shading and background application, technique on using step-by-step airbrush stencils, Airbrush designs, French designs.  Airbrush fingernail  workshop attendees who successfully complete the airbrush nail class will receive a Safari Airbrush Certificate.

Airbrush Tanning Class: Hands on tan workshop gives you the knowledge to do the ultimate spray tan with the Safari Sunny Buns tanning spray solution and tan system. Sculpturing techniques, pre tan preparation, use of different tan solutions on skin type and skin tones, products that can damage a sunless airbrush tan, exfoliation and moisturization, frequently asked questions, trouble shooting,  space & ventilation, care of your airbrush equipment, advertising techniques, how to maintain a great sunless tan.  Attendees who successfully complete the airbrush tan class will receive a Safari Airbrush Tan Certificate.

Airbrush Body Tattoo Classes: Hands on tattoo workshop includes getting creative with temporary tattoos using your airbrush. Step by step airbrush tattoo application, Stencil use and care, hair art, how to maintain a beautiful body tattoo, pre tattoo preparation, Body Glitter application. Also includes the technique of Airbrush Foundation Make-Up application, Airbrush Eye Shadow, Airbrush Make-Up Blush.   Attendees who successfully complete the airbrush body tattoo workshop class will receive a Safari Airbrush Body tattoo certificate.

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